We’ve helped developers, operators, investors, fund managers, and start-ups stay at the cutting edge of the real estate market.
who we serve
who we serve
We collaborate with investors - institutions, corporations and family offices who share our same vision and strive to succeed in the evolving economic landscape. Together we’ll focus on pivoting the best solutions of real estate or tech-related assets or investment to new opportunities.
  • Investment management
  • New market entry and investment strategy
  • Market Research
  • M&A advisory
  • Origination and execution
Real Estate Developers & Operators
Working with innovative ESG-driven property developers, technology-enabled operators and tech companies, we always take on complex capital issues and develop appropriate strategies to break new ground. As a committed partner, we know the best practices and understand what’s on the line.
  • Establishment of optimal capital structure and capital management platform
  • Platform review and strategy
  • Capital raising
  • On-going investor relationships management
  • Road map and execution to capital market
Early-Stage Companies
The disruptors who succeed tend to lay the groundwork in advance. We have established an Early-Stage Company Program which is a holistic approach to make sure that early-stage firms have the competitive business models, capital strategies and management platform to win in the new economy.
  • Management Platform set-up
  • Long-term vision and strategy
  • Active “hand-holding” on every step
  • Capital raising
  • New markets penetration